Family History

I was born on December 24, 1960 in Louisville, Kentucky at the Norton Hospital. My Mother is now in heaven and died in May of 1996 from smoking with complications in her lungs. When I was six my Dad left my Mother and gained custody of my Sister and I. My sister was born around 1965 and then a year later we moved to Harrodsburg Kentucky with my Aunt Mary and my Grandmother Mary. I lived with my Aunt Mary and my Grandmother for 2 years in Harrodsburg, Kentucky. Then at 8 years old my Dad remarried and we moved to Lexington, Kentucky to be with my step mother. After living in Lexington for 2 years we moved to Darien, Connecticut resulting from my Dads knew job with the telephone company. My Dad worked for General Telephone and Electronics and commuted to New York city everyday to his job. Then later on the company moved to Stamford, Connecticut and now this was a better situation for my Dad. After, the company moved to Stamford my Dad had more time for us and was glad he did not have commute to his job anymore in New York City. We moved to Darien, Connecticut around 1970 and I was in the third grade and was a student at Holmes School and I was about 10 or 11 years old. Then my step Brother was about 1 years old. My half brother was born sometime around 1970 in Lexington, Kentucky. I lived in Connecticut about eight years and enlisted in the United states Navy at the age of 18 years old. I went to Navy Boot Camp at Great Lakes Illinois and went to the fleet and became a Plankowner aboard the USS Thorn DD-88 home-ported in Charleston South Carolina. While in the Navy I worked toward getting my GED and then after my enlistment was over I enrolled at Brookhaven College. Also, I was a student at Video Technical Institute for a short while. Furthermore, I was a student at Dallas Christian College. After the Navy I moved to Dallas, Texas and moved back home with my parents. I enlisted in the Navy on 14JUN1979 and had a wonderful tour of duty. Then I served in the inactive reserves from 1983 to 1985 and completed my obligation to the Navy. I went to many places and saw many things. Then one day I decided to get on Greyhound Bus and move back to Lexington, Kentucky with my Mother. I came back to Lexington, around August 1987 and was at the age of 27 years old. I have lived in Lexington, Kentucky ever since that time. Now, I am part-time student at the University of Kentucky and enjoy higher learning. Also, I go to NAMI meetings and volunteered at the V.A. Medical Center and many other things as well.

Seaman Carroll Montague Price, Jr., USS Thorn DD-988, (June 79 to June 83)

I am The Right Candidate for President

When I was a Seaman aboard the USS Thorn DD-988 this was a good experience for me. I showed that, I could be a responsible Sailor aboard this ship. My favorite job was being the helmsman on the bridge aboard this ship.  While growing up as a young teenager I worked many jobs and was able to earn my own pocket money.  Furthermore, I am currently a student at the University of Kentucky with the College of Agriculture Food, and Environment.  I will be working towards graduating from UK with a BA in Family Science with Minor in Environmental Science.   Also, I have done volunteer work with UK Health Care and starting to be more involved in my community doing things.  Moreover, I am a new member of the NAACP and do things with the Kentuckians of the Commonwealth. 

Also, I regularly attend Council Meetings at City Hall and have spoken during Public Comments.  I am accountable and responsible person to the people, because I have good morals and want to get things done.  Moreover, I do not put off tomorrow of things that can be done today.  Furthermore, I accept people who are different than me.  I am open-minded to what people have to say and will make a good leader as President of the United States of America.  Moreover, I believe the voice of the people to govern in making our Democracy work.

Furthermore, I am an Commissioner with the Lexington Fayette Urban County Government serving on the Environmental Commission for a four-year term.  I will serve the public honorably and will carry out my responsibilities to the best of my ability as I am able.  Moreover, I am honored to be accepted to this position and should be able of being a great asset to the Lexington community.  Also, I have been a write in Mayor Candidate for the City of Lexington, Kentucky for the General Elections 2018.

The Presidential Athem: Hail to the Chief:


Recovery is Possible and the Expectation

I want to get the word out that recovery is possible and the expectation. That there is hope and that people with mental illness can live productive lives. Furthermore, the need to educate the public about mental illness and stamp out stigma. Moreover, to help my peers have better mental health and that they can learn how to reach their full potential and be happy about their successes, hopes and dreams. Then to change laws when there is a need for a call to action. Basically, I want to achieve better treatment, better social rights, better human rights, better health care, better housing and have their basic needs met. I have mental illness and want to help my peers with their recovery process and want to help my peers learn, work, live and be part of communities. Also, I believe that people with mental illness can voice their concerns to their government officials who change laws and that their voice can be heard. I look at myself as the ambassador of recovery and to end stigma by being an advocate of those who have mental illness.

I am an Adult Kentucky Peer Support Specialist, Facilitator, IOOV Presenter, Warm_Line Peer Supporter, and on the Leadership Team with the Participation Station with NAMI. Also, I am an Family Science student at the University of Kentucky. Furthermore, I am a Commissioner of the Environmental Commission with the Lexington Fayette Urban County Government for a 4-year term appointment. Moreover, I am involved with our local Law Enforcement Agencies.   I am now working towards an Bachelors of Family Science with a Minor in Environmental Science from the recommendations from my Social Work academic advisors.  This sounds like a new opportunity with my educational goals as a student.   Also, I have been a Volunteer with UK Health Care and have been a volunteer many other places as well.

I help with fundraising events with the Lexington Police Department and the University of Kentucky Police Department and help Police Officers Families when they are in need. Also, I have designed my own political website and have skills and have done a lot of  public service work.  Furthermore, I have experience in Law enforcement training and have served in the United State Navy as a Seaman aboard the USS Thorn DD-988 as part of the original crew on a Spruance Class Destroyer. My favorite job was helmsman on the bridge of the ship.  I have some computer skills connected with school work as a student. Furthermore, I like to write and take pictures in my spare time as well. I have been taking trips on Greyhound Bus and have been able to plan my adventures. Then I have been taking continuing education classes and have earn a lot of CEU Credits. Moreover, I am sponsoring three children  from Mexico, DCR Congo, and the other one is from Cambodia with World Vision, and I serve as an advocate for children as a Child Ambassador as well. This summer I went on a mission trip to Mexico and visited my sponsored child from Mexico.  Also, I have done things with the Kentucky Refugee Ministries, and the Hope Center helping the homeless.  Furthermore, serve on the Housing Committee with the NAACP now getting involed with the Mental Health Court with NAMI.

About Crime and Homelessness

What is it like to be homeless and not have your basic needs met?  All you are thinking about is food, water, shelter, and wearing clean cloths.  Here is an historical account of what it is like to be homeless walking the streets.  This has happened to me a couple of times in my life.  When I was homeless years back around 2005 my mind was playing tricks on me.  The weather was very cold, and you are freezing like a pop-sickle.  Then you are problem solving how to find shelter to keep warm.  However, you hit rock bottom and don’t know how to get out of your situation and your thoughts begin to race like it is in slow motion.   Furthermore, I have spent one night at the Hope Center and was sleeping on a thin mat on the floor with blanket to keep you warm.  The cold draft coming from the doors and homeless men fast asleep while I stayed awake.   I was starting not to be stable and was starting go into a manic phase, because of the lack of sleep.  Now, I am not homeless and live in my own apartment with all my needs met.  Moreover, I am living a comfortable life and seem to be very happy with myself.  There needs to more drop in centers for the homeless and more shelters for people to keep warm.  The biggest problem of being homeless is having mental illness and being at risk of not having access to shelter.  I think there should be trained Social Work students who would operate drop-in centers under supervision of the University of Kentucky to help the homeless and individuals who are dealing with server mental illness. Also, as President of the United States of America.  I would have more social workers who could help assist first responders at the scene to take control of the situation.  Basically, more interaction with local law enforcement agencies and city government to help the homeless to get the help that they need.






The Technological Age of Politics and Priorities

Most politicians use the Media in their campaigns to hold public offices.  I have a mixture of political ideologies in social work ideas.  However, I lean more towards being radical in nature and believe with some of the ideas of Karl Marx.  Yet, I am an American and believe in Democracy.  I cannot understand why early radicals in the field of social work were falsely accused of being communist or believing in McCarthyism.  This disturbs me and frightens me.  Moreover, by keeping a balance with your political ideologies and understanding the big picture of social work you can begin to solve problems in society.  Politicians wants the American people to understand their vision for our country and want you to vote for them.  In addition, it helps to be more knowledgeable about political issues, because it affects us all.  A long time ago most presidents did not use the media to hold public office.  But, now things have changed in America and the world we live in today.  Politicians are now using the media to become closer to the American people.  This is true because technology has revolutionized the world.  The age of information and the way we communicate allows us to be closer.  We could not do without the freedom of the press to give us our news.  The freedom of the press is global and affect us all in this world.  The mass media must get the news out and not reveal their sources.  The freedom of the press is mentioned in the Constitution of the United States of America.  I look at the creditability of the media and decide what to believe and how I should respond.  Social learning can make us to learn from the media and that people may want to know more.  Then that the media may not be telling the truth, or the media may not be reliable.  In some things the public has a need to know.  Nevertheless, the public does not know sometimes, and the media is expected to censor their sources because of political reason from our government.  The media is very important for us and keeps us informed about what is going on in the world.  I do know you cannot get away from the media.  Unless you are living in some remote area in the world and do not have the latest technology.  Basically, exercise your right as an American to vote and keep our Democracy alive and well.  Please vote for me as President of the United States of America in the 2020 Elections.  I am the right person for the Job.